Zhiyun Rider-M Gimbal 3-Axis Wearable Handheld Stabilizer

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Le caratteristiche:

APP Wireless Remote Control: Rider-M is not only more exquisite and compact, but also gets rid of the shackles of cable. The innovative APP control, extra large angles of rotation allow you to shoot videos as you wish and get everything under control!
Everything is in Your Eyes: Rider-M can be connected to a variety of video devices, so that you can monitor when shooting videos. Zero-delay video output, that allows you to easily layout picture and adjustment of screen images.
Manual Setting of Angles: Needless of remote control, you may fix angles or rapidly change angles by gently twisting the camera angle by hand to quickly capture every wonderful picture!
Stimulating Your Inspirations of Creation: A 1/4" screw socket is reserved at the bottom of Rider-M. It is compatible not only with various kinds of photographic equipment to function as a reliable auxiliary camera for photographers, but also with a variety of motion camera equipment, allowing you to think imaginatively during shooting and stimulate more inspirations of creation.
Extreme Lightness: Rider-M, with a more exquisite and simple appearance, is only 182g in net weight. You can bring it everywhere effortlessly. Though smaller in size, Rider-M has a more powerful performance. Rider-M is faster and stronger with no waiting at startup.
Wide Compatibility for Action Cameras: Rider-M is compatible with various action cameras on the market, such as for GoPro Hero 3/3+/4, for Hero4 Session(change the bracket to fit for GoPro 4S, not included in package box), for Xiaomi Yi, for SJ4000 SJ5000 Series. With enough flexibility, Rider-M must be a great partner for your action camera.

Modes Instruction:
Following Mode(Default): Pitch and roll axes are locked, pan axis rotates following gimbal pedestal. In APP and remote control mode, press UP and DOWN button to control pitch angle.
Pan and Pitch Following Mode: Roll axis locked, pitch and pan axis rotate following gimbal pedestal. In APP and remote control mode, LEFT and RIGHT button can control roll angle.
Locking Mode: Three axis(pan, pitch and roll axis)all locked. In APP and remote control mode, press UP and DOWN button can control pitch angle. Press LIGHT and RIGHT button can control pan angle.
Turn back Mode: Press the Mode button three times continuously, the pan axis rotate 180 degrees, the gimbal enter to Turn back mode. When the gimbal is Turn back mode, single press the Mode button, the gimbal enters into Locking mode, double the Mode button to enter Following mode.