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Wątek: [ROM][N6][5.1.1][LMY48B] Chroma – 06/20/2015 | UberTC | Layers

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    [ROM][N6][5.1.1][LMY48B] Chroma – 06/20/2015 | UberTC | Layers

    Rom na bazie Androida v5.1.1 dla Nexusa 5

    Chroma Android 5.1.1 Series
    If you changed your DPI using the built-in DPI switcher. Revert back to 560 DPI as the built-in DPI changer is no longer available as of 06/20. This is removed due to instability (mainly bootloops when people dirty flash the ROM with the custom DPI intact). After you wipe and the DPI still doesn’t change? Do a clean wipe.
    Added: Ability to disable advanced reboot (developer options)
    Added: Ability to disable bar color in battery saver mode
    Added: Ability to disable navigation ring
    Added: National data roaming
    Added: Navigation ring customization
    Added: Power button for navigation bar
    Added: Status bar header long click actions
    Battery - battery saver settings
    Date - Set calendar event
    Time - Set alarm
    Settings - QS tiles settings
    Weather - LockClock settings
    Added: Tiles
    Battery saver
    Heads up
    Screen timeout
    Bugfix: Clear all recents in bottom right now works
    Bugfix: Fix there is no sounds and delays 1s when pressing "Touch sounds" sometimes
    Removed: LCD density changer -- use texdroider, change in build.prop etc

    Pre-requisites: unlocked bootloader, latest TWRP recovery
    1. Download ROM, Gapps and put it on the phone's internal storage.
    2. Boot into TWRP recovery.
    3. Coming from a different ROM? Perform a factory reset using TWRP. If you're upgrading from Chroma ROM, proceed to dirty flash (nandroid backup before flashing is a good idea)
    4. Clean Installation: Flash ROM, GApps
    ....Dirty Flash: Flash ROM, no need to wipe
    5. Reboot and enjoy.


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    Domyślnie Odp: [ROM][N6][5.1.1][LMY48B] Chroma – 06/20/2015 | UberTC | Layers

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